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Digitalization is a digital community that combines consulting, agency and educational services that works with businesses on building their efficiency to maximize results from existing business processes and tech.
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Our services
Digital and business transformation strategy, business analysis, Agile
Education center for tech specialists
Service design to improve the level of service and optimize business processes
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DGTLization helps businesses in designing effective and efficient processes to increase their competitive advantage and chance for success
DGTL Principles
Kaizen (continuous improvement)
Unified Scalable Approach
Value Delivery
DGTL Consulting is a digital strategy, business analysis, product design, management, consulting.
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Consulting process
DGTL Consulting
The DGTL implementation approach is based on a 'Hub and Spokes' model where we act as you're Hub in the wheel that drives implementation. In such a process there can be many Spokes (required services) and the risk is magnified if there is not a centralized ordering, coordination, and communicating point.

* – DGTL has access to a range of quality technical services that can be provided through contracted arrangements that need to be specified in advance
of implementation.
3. Implementation *
We generate a range of solutions based on the criteria emerging from the research. This includes assessing risks, costs, and benefits and ensuring solutions are well understood and feasible.

We expand the best alternative into
a staged action plan which includes a strong 'people factor' identifying skills and knowledge training to yield the best return and outcome.
2. Solution
We need to search and understand. DGTL uses non‑invasive data collection and analysis as well as open and frank talking to learn the dynamics of the business and its flow. Without access to the appropriate staff, a sheet of data has greatly reduced value.
1. Research
How DGTL can help?
Analyze Stakeholders and develop RACI matrix
Analyze As Is business processes and gaps
Recommend the course of improvements
Develop strategy
Support and consult during strategy implementation and transformation
Let's talk and decide how we can improve your business
Want to digitalise?
DGTL School is an education center for middle+ career tech specialists.
Internet of Things
Career Strategy
Value Delivery
Business Analysis
Service Design
DGTL School
Soft Skills
Project Management
Business Process Management
Leadership and People Management
User Experience
Corporate Education
The DGTL School creates bespoke programs for each corporate client to maximize the value for studentsand a company.
Skills Assessment
Assessment to define skills level of employees.
Training, courses and workshops on Business Analysis, UI/UX/CX Design, Presale and soft skills.
Consulting during a project execution to be confident in successful delivery.
DGTL School in numbers
Founded in 2020 by local opinion leaders to help tech professionals master their competencies
Founded in 2020 by local opinion leaders to help IT professionals master their competencies
DGTL Club participants
(tech community)
Service design is a collection of techniques from business administration and customer experience management. With their help, we investigate how to improve the level of service and optimize business processes.
Frontstage components:
New offering / service / product
Refined process, scheme, map
Guidelines, recommendations
Our deliverables as Agency:
Backstage components:
DGTL Service Design Agency
How DGTL Service Design Agency works
When backstage problems exist, they have frontstage consequences: poor service, customer frustration, and inconsistent channels.
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create your own block from scratch
Consulting process
1. Understanding a business from inside (backstage analysis)
We conduct a series of meetings with the business owners and employees. We map business processes, values, understand obstacles in service delivery.
We study standards in your domain and offer a plan for how to cover a gap. We analyze your client experience using various techniques.
2. Industry standards and client feedback (frontstage analysis)
Service design blueprint helps to define areas that can bring more client and employee satisfaction. It aligns backstage and frontstage. We organize a meeting to share insights and discuss a plan of improvements.
3. Hypothesis and ideas for improvements
4. Support during implementation*
Changes are never easy. We can support your business during a transformation phase and after – if needed.

* – additional service since depends on a final recommendation.
We are experienced practitioners and we know what is needed for productive work and professional development
We combime the best practices
— Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), expert in Agile
— President at International institute of Business Analysis Belarus Chapter
— Transformation Lead at Jabil Inc
— Founder at DGTL School, Business Analysis mentor
— 10 + years at product and service companies and startups, clients are from Fortune 500
— 40+ successful projects in Human Resources, Travel, Engineering, Document Exchange,
Retail, Education, e-learning, IoT, DAM
— Blogger and keynote speaker
Olga Cherkasova
Business Analyst, Coach
— User Experience Lead in reinsurance domain
— 6+ years in SaaS design, mostly with US and EU enterprises
— Founder at DGTL School, User Experience mentor
— Startup founder
— 30+ successful projects in Reinsurance, Transportation, Education, Media, Telecom
Blogger and keynote speaker
Anastasia Begun
Lead UX/UI designer
— Design Director & Consultant in international product & service companies
— Created product teams, launched and trained startups and businesses
— Author of the articles about a career development in Product & UX Design
— Corporate and individual mentor, blogger
— Founder of four startups in Knowledge Sharing, Product Teams Training, HR & People Management, Psychology and Traditional Culture areas.
Andrei Tarasevich
Design Manager, Consultant
— Product management: strategy, lean development, product launching and incorporation, efficiency
— Business analysis: research, solution development and implementation, efficiency
— Project management: planning, controlling, work with resources (budget, human, etc.), motivation, leading, efficiency
— Product analysis: data gathering strategy and implementation, recommendation elaboration (issues, upgrades, enhancements for product, marketing and business)
Anton Pitsukov
Business Analyst, Coach
Our clients
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We are experienced practitioners and we know what is needed for productive work and professional development.
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Our clients love us
  • I met Olga on a common project and noticed her deep knowledge and rich experience in business analysis. Her attitude to the project success led to her high engagement, she did her best to impress the client.
    In some years I decided to consult with Olga on a new project to be sure that the company hires the best business analysts and they can organize an appropriate process to deliver the best quality documentation to the team and the clients.
    Olga participated in interviews providing the detailed reports of candidates' skills level, risks and motivation. Olga planned and organized the business analysis approach and guided the team of business analysts to organize their work, prepare appropriate artifacts ad meet deadlines.
    She also participated in meetings with the client, negotiating and recommending solutions that could guarantee project success. During demos she elaborated an effective communication and leadership style to protect the interests of the clients from one hand, and the interests of the company, from the other hand.
    I believe that Olga as a consultant can assist companies in business analysis activities and in education and development of company's business analysts.
  • Armada Labs
    Software Company
    Last week our Business Analysts attended Risk Management in Business Analysis workshop organized by Olga Cherkasova , Certified Business Analysis Professional. Our colleagues learned to adopt a more proactive approach to risk management. Through hands-on exercises, they discovered tools and techniques to manage risks and increase the chances of project success. 🚀 Way to go Team! 🙌
  • Viktar Starastsenka
    Senior Business Analyst, CBAP, AAC
    This week I had a chance to visit a workshop for business analysts (but honestly saying, it is useful not only for BAs) "Risk Management in Business Analysis" from Olga Cherkasova.
    I have got some really valueable insights of the ways to apply the ideas into practice and it reminded me of the value and importance to manage risks. So, "Risk Management in Business Analysis" is a 3.5 hours of practice and teamwork - hope I was not a teamkiller;) - full of real examples and chances to discuss ideas.
    Olga, many thanks to you for organizing this event and all the ideas and experience you are ready to share
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