Digital Transformation
for Businesses and Startups
Digitalization is a consulting, engineering and design services provider. We also educate IT professionals building a strong network available for hire.
  • Consulting

    Digital and business transformation strategy, business analysis, Agile
  • Design & Development

    Exclusive web design for insurance, fintech, and healthcare sectors, specializing in web and mobile interfaces.
  • Education

    Networking community, online courses, coaching and mentoring for mid-career IT professionals.
IT can fit your business better
It's not so expensive. Proven.
With over 8 years as contractors in diverse outsourcing corporations, we've gained firsthand experience in the creation of both effective and less-effective IT solutions. We've seen what works and what falls short.

Now, with this wealth of knowledge, we're positioned to be on your side, leveraging our insights, we'll help you maximize the value from IT solutions, ensuring they align perfectly with your business needs. Let's harness the power of technology effectively for your venture.
How do we help startups?
How do we help non-tech businesses?
Our clients
school & club
We educate:
We cultivate a network of professionals bound by shared values.
The School & Club
DGTL School is an education center for middle+ career tech specialists
Business Analysis
Value Delivery
Project Management
IT Architecture
Business Process Management
Soft Skills
Leadership and People Management
Internet of Things
User Experience
We Love Our Students
The best way to improve your professional skills and increase your value
  • 1000+
  • 300+
    DGTL Club participants
    (tech community)
  • 2+
    Years of operations
Need Corporate Training?
The DGTL School creates bespoke programs for each corporate client to maximize the value for students and a company.
We want to make friends with our clients, so we are happy to answer your questions.
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