Digital Transformation
We work with businesses on building their efficiency to maximize results from existing business processes and IT.
DGTL School
Bootcamp for advanced IT specialists
Digital strategy, business analysis, product design and management
Business analysis and consulting
    Identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your business, developing robust plans for success, and supporting the implementation of change.
    Digital transformation and innovation consulting
    Designing more effective processes to increase your competitive advantage and likelihood of success.
    Conversion optimisation
    By optimizing the processes and systems that support teams across your organization, you can make significant reductions in your Lead to Cash cycle time, increasing revenue, and customer satisfaction levels.
    Usability testing & analytics
    Observing and understanding people and how they interact with products and services provides a solid foundation for any project.
      User interface & visual design
      We design architecture for applications and services from the ground up and develop them into a sophisticated software platform.
      Dedicated project management
      We collaborate with trusted partners, who responsibly deliver the decision we come up with. But it is still us who are officially responsible for the result. Also, we are here to work with your development team if needed.
      Data Aggregation

      Travel and Tourism
      Service Breakdown
      The DGTLization consultation process is built on the following three pillars
      We need to search and understand. DGTL uses non‑invasive data collection and analysis as well as open and frank talking to learn the dynamics of the business and its flow. Without access to the appropriate staff, a sheet of data has greatly reduced value.
      Solution Selection
      We generate a range of solutions based on the criteria emerging from the Discovery phase. This includes assessing risks, costs, and benefits and ensuring the leading solutions are well understood and feasible. We expand the best alternative into a staged action plan which includes a strong 'people factor' identifying skills and knowledge training to yield the best return and outcome.
      Implementation *
      The DGTL implementation approach is based on a 'Hub and Spokes' model where we act as you're Hub in the wheel that drives implementation. In such a process there can be many Spokes (required services) and the risk is magnified if there is not a centralized ordering, coordination, and communicating point.

      * – DGTL has access to a range of quality technical services that can be provided through contracted arrangements that need to be specified in advance of implementation.
      Web services
      Enterprise performance management, task management, customer analytics, profitability analytics, asset analytics
      Enterprise systems
      Real-Time analytic, relations with third parties, workflows, billing, payments, Collaboration & networking, messaging, knowledge management, third-party engagement, mobility
      Behavioral analytics, conversion optimization, UX/UI consulting and design, delivery management
      Mobile Apps and Solutions
      Conversion optimization, user testing, UX/UI design, content strategy
      Competitors analysis, information architecture, interaction design, feature prioritizing, UX/UI design
      Business modeling, monetization, consulting, Vision and SRS, UX/UI design, development support
      Have no ego
      that interrupts a workflow
      United with a philosophy of effective
      and economical digital solutions
      We are a team of multi-disciplinary specialists inspired by a smarter world. We have extensive experience with business analysis, experience design, and project management. We work collaboratively with our clients to take into account every aspect of the business – this is how we tailor solutions that fit.

      Being lean and sensitive to the pace of the project we don't follow any fixed methodology. We believe that only mixed approaches have the power to catalyze project success.
      Certified Business Analysis Professional, product owner, Agile, Scrum and Kanban consultant
      Head of UX/product design, UX analyst & consultant, service designer, usability consultant
      Service designer, conversion optimiser, UX/UI design lead, project coordinator
      Venture Capital industry expert, board member/observer in 6 companies, startup advisor and Foodtech enthusiast
      Ready to digitalise?
      Let's talk and decide how we can
      improve your business
      Who are our clients
      Entrepreneurs inspired with technology limitless horizons
      Our clients run businesses all of a kind – from building and printing companies to sophisticated digital products.
      Digital products
      Internal corporate systems, CMS, e-commerces, web services, mobile applications, etc.
      Fellows who are brave enough to launch digital and non-digital initiatives.
      Non-profit organisations
      Aiming to make the world better with technology.
      Our clients love us
      I met Olga on a common project and noticed her deep knowledge and rich experience in business analysis. Her attitude to the project success led to her high engagement, she did her best to impress the client.
      In some years I decided to consult with Olga on a new project to be sure that the company hires the best business analysts and they can organize an appropriate process to deliver the best quality documentation to the team and the clients.
      Olga participated in interviews providing the detailed reports of candidates' skills level, risks and motivation. Olga planned and organized the business analysis approach and guided the team of business analysts to organize their work, prepare appropriate artifacts ad meet deadlines.
      She also participated in meetings with the client, negotiating and recommending solutions that could guarantee project success. During demos she elaborated an effective communication and leadership style to protect the interests of the clients from one hand, and the interests of the company, from the other hand.
      I believe that Olga as a consultant can assist companies in business analysis activities and in education and development of company's business analysts.
      Have an idea in mind?
      Feel free to write and call us. We love to communicate with our clients.
      Riga, Latvia
      Lisbon, Portugal
      Minsk, Belarus