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Senior Business Analyst, CBAP, AAC
This week I had a chance to visit a workshop for business analysts (but honestly saying, it is useful not only for BAs) "Risk Management in Business Analysis" from Olga Cherkasova.
I have got some really valueable insights of the ways to apply the ideas into practice and it reminded me of the value and importance to manage risks. So, "Risk Management in Business Analysis" is a 3.5 hours of practice and teamwork - hope I was not a teamkiller;) - full of real examples and chances to discuss ideas.
Olga, many thanks to you for organizing this event and all the ideas and experience you are ready to share
Software Company
Last week our Business Analysts attended Risk Management in Business Analysis workshop organized by Olga Cherkasova , Certified Business Analysis Professional. Our colleagues learned to adopt a more proactive approach to risk management. Through hands-on exercises, they discovered tools and techniques to manage risks and increase the chances of project success. 🚀 Way to go Team! 🙌
Software Company
I met Olga on a common project and noticed her deep knowledge and rich experience in business analysis. Her attitude to the project success led to her high engagement, she did her best to impress the client.
In some years I decided to consult with Olga on a new project to be sure that the company hires the best business analysts and they can organize an appropriate process to deliver the best quality documentation to the team and the clients.
Olga participated in interviews providing the detailed reports of candidates' skills level, risks and motivation. Olga planned and organized the business analysis approach and guided the team of business analysts to organize their work, prepare appropriate artifacts ad meet deadlines.
She also participated in meetings with the client, negotiating and recommending solutions that could guarantee project success. During demos she elaborated an effective communication and leadership style to protect the interests of the clients from one hand, and the interests of the company, from the other hand.
I believe that Olga as a consultant can assist companies in business analysis activities and in education and development of company's business analysts.
Alex Oreshkevich
CEO, Rednavis
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